The Facebook, the Instagram, the Twitter, and all the Web has to offer are the “new” Mass Media and the future of communication, right? This is definitely the case, since the influence of the so-called Social Media is growing by leaps and bounds in these last years. Therefore, the traditional media like the press, the television and radio should be discarded as old and outdated? Definitely not, is the answer and our experts in communication know that very well.

However popular and efficient in transmitting messages across are the Social Media, they are -at least, up to now- no match for supporting and consolidating the very same messages, both in terms of credibility and overall public opinion influence. Having understood that, at VM Congresses we bring together the two seemingly non-compliant “worlds”, by combining their strengths: disseminate information about our events speedily and massively through the Social Media and create a vivid and positive image of our clients in the public perception. To that end, our communication services include:

  • PR/Press Office setup. For clients wishing in-house or external communication services on a day-to-day basis, we provide all the knowhow and support for setting up or restructuring a PR/Press Office. These include corporate consulting, staffing assistance, operational guidelines and implementation of modern communication “tools” like Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Strategic Planning programs. Common goal in every case is making the most out of the Mass Media, old and new!
  • Media Training. To collaborate with the Media is, first and foremost, to know them. To that end, VM Congresses expert associates provide both theoretical and hands-on media training. Understanding Mass Media ethics, structural characteristics and operational rules of both print and electronic media, are all essential parts of our training, as is the implementation of specific approach procedures in order to establish a smooth working relationship with them.
  • Crisis Management training is perhaps the most important and relevant aspect of contemporary communication skills. A negative image, regardless of whether it is based or not on accurate information and facts, can create problems of all kinds and gravity that, under certain circumstances, can prove detrimental. Again, VM Congresses’ communication experts can provide all the necessary tools for handling dire situations, as follows: a) create a “defense” mechanism, b) set up a dedicated communication taskforce, c) assist in goal setting, d) find appropriate messages, and e) help in damage rectification by either minimizing or by eliminating the impact of negative publicity.