The majority of events involve some kind of travel services, whether on a large or a small scale. Services like accommodation, tickets, transfers, sightseeing, rentals, etc. are catered for by our autonomous DMC department, comprised by highly qualified and experienced staff. The most time and cost-efficient solutions are sought after, acknowledging the ad hoc needs of each client and every event. In addition, we offer:

  • Travel consulting. Before issuing tickets or arranging hotel stays, we discuss the details of the trip with the client/organizer. Thus, we can offer the optimum solutions at the best prices and time schedules.
  • Incentives. Adapted to all group sizes, incentives can be a very successful combination of business and recreation, if properly executed. Again, customization is the top priority, so that desired goals can be accomplished.
  • VIP services. We cater to the needs and wishes of special guests, designated by the organizers. From business class air tickets to luxurious accommodation and limousine transfers, VIP clients are sure to feel pampered and relieved of any worries travelling may entail.
  • Tours/excursions. From historical monuments sightseeing to thematic tours, and from mini cruises to candlelit dinners, the possibilities are endless.