VM Congresses Ltd.’s   activities include event making, media relations building and travel services management. Autonomously or in combination, all three sectors of our entrepreneurial   engagement share a common characteristic, which actually embodies the essential spirit of our core philosophy: customization. Individuals –whether physical or legal entities- have different views, prerogatives and prospects. In short, different needs, which can only be catered for if they are fully and correctly understood.

Event making spans from international medical and other scientific congresses to corporate events of medium and smaller size as well as individuals’ and family parties. Variety is the name of the game and as far as options go, the sky is the limit!

Media relations building is based on brand new and “fresh” foundations. In the era of the Internet and the Social Media, dissemination of information has changed level altogether, often making past practices obsolete. Where traditional media crumble, the Facebook, the Instagram and all the so called “new age” media take precedence at a great pace.

Travel services management, or DMC services, are the most obvious representatives of the customization concept. Tight schedules, vastly differentiated travel requirements concerning both business and leisure, all call for flexible, time and money-saving solutions that don’t skimp on quality and do not overburden congress budgets.